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Written by Keith R. Bloodgood   
Monday, 17 December 2007 13:25
Hello all,
I am new to this site. I have been looking at some of the pictures posted here and I couldn't help but notice the rigs you guys use on the banks to hold your rods. That is quite the get up! I really like it. I checked the store on here to and saw what they cost. Wow! But well worth it, better than loosing a rod and real. Nice, I just wonder who came up with it? I ask that as I have come up with a rod holder for use on piers and docks.
I fish alot from a boat ,the bank and from docks and piers. There is a river that runs through out town here in Williamsport, Pa. and I fish mainly for Bass, but there are alot of carp in our river. They have an anual tournament for carp fishing here. They meet right up the river from where I live and then the people go miles up and down this river to catch their carp. They return at a givin time to weigh in their fish. The biggest fish wins and the most fish win as well. It is a day long thing for the guys and gals to get out and do some fishing. At the end of it all the Amish people take the fish caught and use them for thier fields to grow crops. All in all it helps to reduce the fish population here and it gives the Amish some fertilizer to use for free. So nothing is waisted. Around these parts carp are not a game fish or should I say a fish that gets much respect. I do know when I have caught them they fight like a caged mad dog! Fun to catch but no one I know eats them. I just put them back, Catch and release. They are fun to catch and I have taken my son fishing for them when he was a young boy. What fun it is to watch a little guy or gal real in a big one! Makes their day and mine! Just wanted to stop off a few lines to say hello and give a little background on here.
Thanks for having me!
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