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Written by carp walker   
Friday, 18 June 2010 07:16

It was my first trip to the famous Lady Bird Lake in Austin TX. , Me and a buddy have been knocking the idea around for a one day turnaround to this famous venue, my previous pB was a mere 16 lb, and for a buffalo was a small 25 lb, my friend had caught several lower 20 lb fish prior but was hoping to get into something a little bigger.


We arrived at the swim at 5:00 AM and were going to a spot called the Gazebo swim, well when we got there we could not find a Gazebo in sight , we made several calls to friends we had been to this swim in the past but low and behold they were still sleeping, what is wrong with these people sleeping on my fishing time lol, anyway we scouted out the area we were at and it was Carp mecca, carp were crashing all over the place, I thought I was in heaven.


We set up and got our lines in the water around 7ish, at around 8 or so I got my first run, ended up being a mid-teen common, not a bad start, another 30 minutes in my other rod went off and ended up being an 18-8 lb common. Then it happened my right rod started screaming, I jumped up and disengaged the bait runner, line started peeling off my reel like the bait runner was still on, I fought this fish for about 45 minutes, but when it got about 15 yards from the bank I could not get to it, water was too shallow, so wading I went with net in hand, when I approached the fish my eyes popped out of my head, I had never seen such a big carp in my life, after wrangling with the netting job I brought it to shore and my partner helped me lift onto the landing matt, we lifted it up to the scale and I could not believe I had just landed my first 30+ lb carp, weighed in at exactly 33 lbs on the nose.


Things slowed down for about 3 hours or so and a storm front was moving in so we just sat and chatted and drank some cold ones when my middle rod went off, it was not an epic battle like the common but I could tell it had some weight to it, after about 15 minutes I landed a new PB Buffalo that weighed in at 35 lbs.


All this time I was hauling my partner had not caught a fish, he had a good run and got the hook set and had a nice battle which he says might have been a new PB for him but it snagged him and broke off, grrr


Towards the end of the day I had caught a few more 20+ commons, and finally I hear my partner yelling for me to grab the net, when I got to his swim he was in the middle of his own epic battle, line peeling of rod doubled over and he had this grin on his face I will never forget, after 30 minutes or so he gets it to the bank and both our jaws drop, this carp is huge, looks like she is ready to drop her eggs at any moment, we get her to the scale and it is a whopping 38-10 lbs



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